Here We Go

I’ve been currently staring at my computer screen for an hour or so with my fingers tracing the backspace key. I am not sure if anyone will even bother to read this but if there is someone out there in the vast internet world, then how’s life?

I find myself reading and listening to music recently, more than usual. Should I be worried? Maybe, but I still gaze out to the bustling crowds of people distracted in their own minds with headphones clinging to their ears. Do they feel the tune as immensely as I do? Do they care to handpick playlists that matter most to them just like me?

I do not play an instrument. I do not sing.

Yet I appreciate and value the art of music, wholeheartedly.

For my very first song recommendation, I contemplated on which artist or genre to write about. It seems as though fate knew I was searching and laid a song on my lap, or more specifically the shuffle button on my folder of unlimited tunes.

The Other – Lauv

As an artist, Lauv is definitely underrated. In terms of this song, the lyrics and soothing melody offers a lonesome mood. On cloudy days and rainy nights, The Other provides an essence of comfort and nostalgia. There is also a stripped version of this song that is much more vulnerable, in my opinion. Give yourself a few minutes alone and feel the music itself as if it is conversing with your soul.

“Either your head or your heart, you set the other on fire.”

I truly believe these words sum up a good proportion of the population. We suffer the consequences of listening to our hearts by the guilty conscious of our minds. On the other hand, following our head opens our heart to ache in silence. Lauv, himself, commented on this and couldn’t have described it better: “life is a constant and perpetual battle between following your rational thoughts and following what you feel deep inside.” 

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